Thursday, December 12, 2019
Service Provider Involvement: Building Partnerships

Reports Available

  1. Building Bridges: Service Provider Involvement in Better Beginnings, Better Futures (1995)
    • Full Report (96 pages, 842kb): PDF
    • Summary Report (30 pages, 659kb): PDF
    • Executive Summary (4 pages, 256kb): PDF

Published Articles

  1. Herry, Y., Levesque, D. et Vincent-LeBlanc, L. (1996). L'intégration des services au sein d'un programme de prévention primaire. Nouvelles pratiques sociales, 9, 87-100. Request Reprint
  2. Corter, C., & Peters, R.Dev. (2011). Integrated early childhood services in Canada: Evidence from the Better Beginnings, Better Futures (BBBF) and Toronto First Duty (TFD) projects. In: Tremblay R.E., Barr R.G., Peters R.DeV., Boivin M., eds. Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development [online]. Montreal, Quebec: Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development; 2011:1-8. Available at: http://www.child-encyclopedia.com/documents/Corter-PetersANGxp1.pdf.
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