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Short-Term Findings Report
  1. Better Beginnings, Better Futures: Highlights of Lessons Learned. (2004) . Full Report (25 pages, 3.08mb); PDF

  2. Developing Capacity and Competence in the Better Beginnings, Better Futures Communities (2000)
    • Full Report: (409 pages, 2.47mb): PDF
    • Executive Summary (19 pages, 397kb): PDF
    • Overview of Lessons Learned (9 pages, 23kb): PDF
    • Chapter 1: Report Summary (80 pages, 741kb): PDF
    • Chapter 2: What We Know and Don't Know About Prevention/Early Intervention Programs for Young Children (10 pages, 63kb): PDF
    • Chapter 3: The Better Beginnings, Better Futures Initiative (15 pages, 90kb): PDF
    • Chapter 4: Programs for Better Beginnings (19 pages, 107kb): PDF
    • Chapter 5: Socio-Demographic Characteristics (22 pages, 226kb): PDF
    • Chapter 6: Methodology (23 pages, 262kb): PDF
    • Chapter 7: Effects on Children (25 pages, 184kb): PDF
    • Chapter 8: Effects on Parents and Families (17 pages, 104kb): PDF
    • Chapter 9: Effects on Neighbourhoods and Schools (11 pages, 246kb): PDF
    • Chapter 10: Community Development and Resident Participation in Better Beginnings, Better Futures (33 pages, 166kb): PDF
    • Chapter 11: Partnerships and Programs: Service-Provider Involvement in Better Beginnings, Better Futures (12 pages, 72kb): PDF
    • Chapter 12: Economic Analysis (10 pages, 81kb): PDF
    • Chapter 13: Conclusions and Implications (29 pages, 279kb): PDF
    • References: (18 pages, 128kb): PDF
    • Appendix A: Table of Programs (29 pages, 120kb): PDF
    • Appendix B: Description of Better Beginnings, Better Futures Demographic and Outcome Variables (7 pages, 289kb): PDF
    • Appendix C: The Better Beginnings, Better Futures Demonstration Sites (10 pages, 65kb): PDF

Published Articles/Books

  1. Nelson, G. (2005). Safeguarding and Promoting the Well-being of Children and Families: What is Best Practice? In Scott, J & Ward, H. (Eds) Safeguarding and Promoting the Well-being of Children, Families and Communities (pp. 184-196). London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Reprint Request
  2. Nelson, G., Pancer, S.M., Hayward, K. and Peters, R. Dev. (2005). Partnerships for Prevention: The Story of the Highfield Community Enrichment Project. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Reprint Request
  3. Peters, R. DeV. (2005). A community-based approach to promoting resilience in young children, their families, and their neighbourhoods. In Peters, R. DeV., Leadbeater, B., & McMahon, R. J. (Eds). Resilience in children, families and communities: Linking context to practice and policy (pp. 157-176). New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers. Reprint Request
  4. Herry, Y., Peters, R.DeV. & Arnold, R. (2003). Le projet Partir d'un bon pas pour un avenir meilleur: ses effets à court terme auprès des enfants de Cornwall. Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, 22, 85-98. Request Reprint
  5. Pancer, S.M., Nelson, G., Dearing, B., Dearing, S., Hayward, K. & Peters, R.DeV. (2003). Promoting wellness in children and families through community-based interventions: The Highfield Community Enrichment Project (Better Beginnings, Better Futures). In Kufeldt, K. & McKenzie, B. (Eds.). Child Welfare: Connecting research, policy, and practice (pp.111-121). Waterloo, Ontario: Wifrid Laurier University Press. Request Reprint
  6. Peters, R. DeV., Petrunka, K. & Arnold, R. (2003). The Better Beginnings, Better Futures Project: A universal, comprehensive, community-based prevention approach for primary school children and their families. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 32(2), 215-227. PDF or Request Reprint
  7. Herry, Y., Peters, R. DeV., Arnold, R. et Petrunka, K. (2003). Partir d’un bon pas pour un avenir meilleur: les resultants des dix premières années de recherché sur un programme d’adaptation sociale du gouvernement ontarien. Revue du Nouvel-Ontario, 28, 79-112 Reprint Request
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