Monday, December 09, 2019
Resident Participation: Building Neighbourhood Capacity

Reports Available

  1. Better Beginnings, Better Futures: Resident Participation in the Project's Early Years (1993)
    • Full Report (92 pages, 590kb): PDF
    • Summary Report (14 pages, 231kb): PDF
    • Executive Summary (4 pages, 188kb): PDF

Published Articles

  1. Nelson, G., Pancer, S.M., Hayward, K. & Kelly, R. (2004). Partnerships and participation of community residents in health promotion and prevention: Experiences of the Highfield Community Enrichment Project (Better Beginnings, Better Futures). Journal of Health Psychology, 9(2) 213-227. Request Reprint
  2. Neysmith, S. & Reitsma-Street, M. (2000) Valuing unpaid work in the Third Sector: The case of community resource centres. Canadian Public Policy, XXVI(3), 331-346. Request Reprint
  3. Reitsma-Street, M. & Neysmith, S. (2000) Restructuring and community work: The case of community resource centres for families in poor urban neighbourhoods. In S. Neysmith (Ed.) Restructuring caring labour: Discourse, state practice and everyday life. Toronto: Oxford University Press. Request Reprint
  4. Reitsma-Street, M., Maczewski, M. & Neysmith, S. (2000) Promoting engagement: An organizational study of volunteers in community resources centres for children. Children and Youth Services Review, 22(8), 651-678. Request Reprint
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  10. Janzen, R., Pancer, S.M., Nelson, G., Loomis, C., & Hasford, J. (2010). Evaluating community participation as prevention: Life narratives of youth. Journal of Community Psychology, 38, 992-1006. Request Reprint
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